Hi I'm Brookeham

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Re: Hi I'm Brookeham

Post by zensioux on Wed Jan 11 2017, 05:19

OK, I finally made it to your posting party. What kind of a Twisted Sister dancing am I to not come to your B-Day party, but I did make it to the other party. 

I am sorry that you had a procedure & I was unaware. Did you tell us when we were there? My memory is getting ...... Kind of scary to notice the decline as I spend lots of time with My lady and see her decline.

I digress. This post is suppose to be about YOU! Visting with you was soooooooo much fun. I still have to post the pics. Do you want them here or there or anywhere??? Maybe I will get to them soon. I am slowly coming out of my holiday - end of the year funk. So maybe, I will be able to be more Twisted as your Sister and post more frequently. 

So how many Pink kitties did you get or are you gone to make me read that entire thread too???

I stopped at getting a Pink Frog. I kept hoping he would bring me good luck in RL, but no luck. I am sad that they kitty breeding was when my funk was at its funkyest and I did not get to enjoy the merriment of all the kitties.  cat cat cat cuddle

I have stopped "cheating" on you so you will get more of my attention - what little I have left. 

Have a happy day full of sunshine and smiles. dancing love shower giraffe Grin Grin heart


Peace to me means Love and Harmony free of antagonism and conflict.

To me: Harmony is achieved when each person gives up part of themselves in order to create a higher more wonderful vibration/ energy.

I hope you all have a Happy Day full of Sunshine and Smiles.

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Re: Hi I'm Brookeham

Post by Brookeham on Wed Jan 18 2017, 23:59

zen - How sweet of you to come over....I was having a posting party??? Been a while...so I guess I forgot already. LOL I now am the proud owner of 3 pink kitty pens, 1 red and a slew of orange....oh and 1 pink box factory!!!!
About the pics.....anywhere is fine. I can't wait to see them!!!! I still have my polish from our mani/pedi day. I can't bear to take it off....plus a tad busy....and lazy.

I have finally 90% gotten over this flu/cold!!!!! It's been 2 weeks late for infusion...but b/c of the procedure on my back....it's not too bad. (reason insurance...new year change over) Only having a bit of crohns but since I'm out of the house for the 1st time in 2 weeks....I"M HAPPY!!!!
It's official.....the end of May will be when I quit doing displays at the store. I'm now chairing the nominating committee....and have agreed to take a position on the board of Assistance League. I'm going to be 1st V.P., focusing on membership. This will be a new, fun change for me.....and easier on my body. So I'm enjoying doing Valentine's day display....why? Because it's the last time. Woo Hoo!!!!  dancing
I've been on boards of quite a few organizations(even Pres. on some)....so it's not too frightening. I have all kinds of ideas for boosting membership. My 1st is a compition amongst our members(teams) with a Giant reward for the team that brings in the most new members...I needed a new challenge....but replacing the outgoing VP will be tough! She was marvelous!
Anyhoo.....ta ta for now...off to finish taking down and packing away the rest of Xmas.
I'm having Feb/Valentine's Bunko!!!! heartbeat So I can't wait to get all that out. fallinghearts LOL


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Re: Hi I'm Brookeham

Post by Irisa on Tue Feb 14 2017, 22:24

TAG!!  now you're it!! hiya   YESSS!    whistling happy run  pillow fight   (in place of a Boo!)  wink

Irisa aka IrisaDefiance farmerama

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Re: Hi I'm Brookeham

Post by cylentlea123 on Tue Feb 14 2017, 23:58

Boo!  pillow fight


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