End of school time for some summer fun!

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End of school time for some summer fun!

Post by Arielh on Fri Jul 14 2017, 22:17

Hi my friends! I missed everyone heart
I finally finished exams and I am free to enjoy summer now! This year was so hard and especially these two last months were exhausting! I gave up everything and I devoted my time to study. No time to hang out with friends, for sports, for relax.... This year was my last in school and I had to have exams for getting to a university. These exams are the same for all Greeks my age so I was competing against the best students in all Greece! But when time passed I realized why these exams are so hard except for the fact that we had to learn by heart a lot of books. I realized I wasn't competing anyone else more than I did myself! To write well I had to push myself to the limits, I had to abstain from everything and study hard and try all the time to get better. I have no idea how this year passed! The only real break I had was one amazing week in Barcelona, Spain! We went there with my school because it is the last year and they allow us to travel to another country, one day I plan on making a post about Barcelona.
After that week, Easter holidays came but not for me. All Easter holidays I stayed home studying Latin, Ancient Greek, Greek and History. After the Easter holidays the school exams started and I wrote 14 subjects and after that I wrote the more difficult exams for universities and I wrote 6 subjects, I finished them last week.
My grades on the 6 subjects were announced recently and I did very well! In August depending on what universities everyone has chosen and especially what the most high graded students have chosen the results will come out. And then I will know where I will be living next year and what I will be studying.

I am very interested to know what everyone has been doing this year  kissy

I have missed you all!

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Re: End of school time for some summer fun!

Post by 12ss12 on Sat Jul 15 2017, 08:02

Arielh ! I have been very busy too. Advocate proffession is a busy and demanding profession, that is if you really want to establish yourself as a good advocate and you shouldn't mind the stress, hardwork, labour etc...In that case as your years of experience go up, so does your case numbers. This year there was a great increase in my number of cases and still there are lots of cases to pending to be filed. So I am happy inspite of its stress & strain. Farmerama is one of relaxation to take away my stress.

But I don't suggest that for the students.  

Congrats for the excellent success in your exams. You are going to another chapter in life - college. College life is one of the most happy period of life. You studied Ancient Greek & Latin !!!!! Wow !

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Re: End of school time for some summer fun!

Post by Tookie on Sun Jul 16 2017, 13:34

I am impressed! Latin! Ancient Greek.... (greek itself seems difficult for me, but I suppose when yr Greek, that's not much of a problem, lol) 

You SO deserve to enjoy your summer! I hope you get the university you want. 

My year is going as usual, I am chronically ill, so i fight everyday for small steps in life. In everything. That may be that I'm able to get dressed today, or help with cooking. Or, in some cases, just to keep my food down can be something to be proud of. Doesn't sound like a big achievement, but all in all, I'm happy when I find myself being happy, instead of sitting on the darkest floor in a deep mental pit. 

I love my PC and all my friends in it, and without it I would be lost. I love farmerama, elvenar, en all kinds of other games too, because they allow me to relax, even when in pain. 

Also, I try to make small steps towards all kinds of other progress. Getting a tiny bit fitter, getting my house a tiny bit nicer, cleaner, or better arranged. 
And of course I have a wonderful hubby and cat, so all in all, i'm happy. 

I hope you truly enjoy your summer, and congratulations on your good grades!

Look for the little rays of sunshine! 
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