Complexity of the game

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Complexity of the game

Post by Tookie on Fri Mar 31 2017, 15:37

Is anyone else finding that the game is getting a little bit TOO complex?  Help2

I just keep getting turned around every time I think; "okay, Imma gonna set myself a GOAL now".... 
and then I go to the farmer society, NodYes 
to figure out which one I should do next.... scratch head 
and I get lost along the way...  dig

checking what I have,  and don't have, what the prices are, and by then I forgot what I was working towards, because I noticed certain food being low, or thinking I need something for an upcoming event....  im okay

All in all, I rarely actually WORK towards a goal, cuz I'm constantly running around aimlessly...or, temporarily aimed so to speak...  giggle  

I wonder how I should proceed... just keep running around like a headless farm chicken, 

or actually trying for a goal for once... somehow. 

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