Pick-a-Tree Spree

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Ended Pick-a-Tree Spree

Post by baw815 on Tue Jan 17 2017, 23:08

Since I didn't see this thread anywhere, not sure it should be here, but here it is.   maybe 

As many of you know I have been away from the game awhile.  This event enabled me to get the trees I don't have, and even the new stuff.   big grin 

I got the durian, wisteria, chocolate vine pod, sandalwood seed, ice fir, bladdernut, goldenchain, XXL blackwillow, XXL goldleaf and dragonblood trees, which I didn't have.   red smile     im happy     star colors 

I had the $5 subscriptions for BB's going while I was gone.  I had lots of BB's.  Spent less than 200.   girl blush 

If anyone would like to share, it would be appreciated.

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Ended Re: Pick-a-Tree Spree

Post by Tookie on Tue Jan 17 2017, 23:10

I had something like 60bb left, and bought trees too. And I too got durian, bladdernut, goldenchain, dragonblood, and sandalwood, but no ice fir unfortunately.

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Ended Re: Pick-a-Tree Spree

Post by puppiesnponies on Wed Jan 18 2017, 00:49

Congratulations to you both on great trees! dog lick


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Ended Re: Pick-a-Tree Spree

Post by cylentlea123 on Wed Jan 18 2017, 02:21

I got the ice fir but not the sandlewood lol


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Ended Re: Pick-a-Tree Spree

Post by zensioux on Wed Jan 18 2017, 02:26

I was super lucky. I got at least 1 of all the trees mentioned which will allow me to finish all the FSQ - in time. Prior to this I did not have any of these trees except the Goldenchain (?). You know I can't remember names which is why I'm not listing everything.

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I hope you all have a Happy Day full of Sunshine and Smiles.

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Ended Re: Pick-a-Tree Spree

Post by Mooboy on Wed Jan 18 2017, 14:58

This is now my Favourite Tree Event. As you can win Rare Trees instantly as they only cost 5 BB per Go...

I have been saving up some BB so i have good Slurge of get some nice rare trees to help me work on some quests 

I got some Sandlewood Trees 4 of them as did not have any, as I prefer to get Baha Trees as i can gain  +1 Fruit using Pineapple Cake Buff

I got 10 more Durian Trees, So Happy as both of these are 12 Hour Trees. Also please to get 4 Bladdenuts too as not had anyone of these either.

It Nice to be able to work on the Recent Tree Quests. As this event certainly helps. Once i have completed these quests i will sell the surplus to the markets for good CC  happy run im happy happy wave

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Ended Re: Pick-a-Tree Spree

Post by sunshineaz on Wed Jan 18 2017, 16:57

I spent about 200 BB.  I got 6 golden chain, 2 bladder nut, 1 durrian and a bunch that I already had.  I was hoping to get the Ice fir, dragon blood, chocolate vine pod and the sandalwood.

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Ended Re: Pick-a-Tree Spree

Post by spotsbox on Mon Jan 23 2017, 17:47

I'm not sure how much I spent, it was more than I wanted but not as much as I was afraid it would take counting .  Got a few Durian, a couple Bladdernut, several Goldenchain, various others, another Chocolate Vine, and 3 Wisteria and the Sandlewood Seed I really wanted. heartbeat  Now if the theater would just work so I can replenish my BBs broke.  I used to get obsessed with mystery stables and trees, buying until I got the newest and shiniest.  Any more I'd much rather use my cherished BBs for events like this one, and just bide my time until the mystery stables are handed out as prizes (I'll buy a small handful, but usually not more than 5).  Sooner or later I'll get the pen/tree I want.  Pick-a sprees you can only get during the spree, tho.

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Ended Re: Pick-a-Tree Spree

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