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Info Chrome browser ~ Insecure websites

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 13 2017, 19:43

Hello all,

Since January 1st there has been an update for Chrome browsers on how it reads websites.

As of then it shows a circle with an 'i' in it on many websites. These websites also includes this forum and also our Farmerama game and forum.

Why is this happening? 
Chrome only sees websites where you use a password to be secure enough when it uses the https protocol, normal sites are often http only. 

Are we secure?
We think so. Most if not everything is hackable these days, but we think we and Farmerama is secure enough for normal use. 

Is this going to change?
Most likely, our forum supplier already is working on making the forums go along with this and when we will change anything we will notify you.

Will I see a change?
If we follow the new protocol the forum itself will not change, only the address:
Current address:
If it changes:

Currently left and right news messages and problems are popping up concerning this. We did not see any problems on our forum, but if you do experience problems with this, please let us know.

Sleepy & Tookie


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