Farm Supplies Shop ~ Changes ~ 16 January

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Info Farm Supplies Shop ~ Changes ~ 16 January

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 13 2017, 17:11

Hello all

FARMERAMA has announced some changes for the Farm Supplies Shop

These changes will take effect on Monday the 16th of January around 14:00 CET

Newly added stables, combined with a new level:

StableFrom levelPrice
Bear Habitat1150 BB
Eagle Stall1350 BB
Skunk Habitat1550 BB
Owl Park1750 BB
If you already own one of the above stables, and you are not at the required new level yet, you will no longer be able to produce the feed until you reach the new required level.

Stables with a new shop price:

StableFrom levelPrice
Butterfly House1050 BB
Squirrel Hut1250 BB
Kangaroo Shed1250 BB


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