Shop Half Price Sale ~ 16-18 January

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Ended Shop Half Price Sale ~ 16-18 January

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 13 2017, 16:47

50% off on many items in the Farm Supply Shop


Items not having half price sale:

  • Items with a price of 2 BB or lower
  • Items that are sold for CC
  • Menageries, Manufactories and Arboretums
  • Farm Supplies shop category: Accessories
  • Farm Supplies shop category: Service. CC packs and Vacation mode are on sale
  • Farm Supplies shop category: Crafting trade. Standard recipes are on sale
  • Farm Supplies shop category: Seasonal items
  • Former Top Gamers Club recepies

Some changes in the Farm Supplies Shop are announced HERE

STARTS:Mondaythe16thofJanuaryat14:00 CET In-game time
ENDS:Wednesdaythe18thofJanuaryat14:00 CET In-game time

You can always see the 'In-game Time' at the very top of this forum in the Toolbar
below the 'RUNNING EVENTS' announcement box on the homepage

Edited above exclusion list to the LIVE shop sale


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