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Info Back in business

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 05 2017, 22:57

Hello all,

As you might have noticed we started up our participation again  pillow fight

We can not promise to be as fast as the Official forum with posting OA's,
but we will do our best to keep you up-to-date with the latest.

We still have to work on some things, like the Calculators, but as for
now they are available for you all to use. Also there are plans to make
them for other parts of the game, but we will announce them in due time.

It may be that sometimes a certain thing flashes by or changes when 
you are online with us. But it should not be affecting the use of the 
forum much, or it will be available in a few minutes at most.

We hope you all have fun here with us, thank you for visiting  red smile

Tookie & Sleepy


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