Recycl-O-Mat ~ 6-9 January

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Ended Recycl-O-Mat ~ 6-9 January

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 05 2017, 12:42

STARTS:Fridaythe6thofJanuaryat14:00 CET In-game time
ENDS:Mondaythe9thofJanuaryat14:00 CET In-game time

You can always see the 'In-game Time' at the very top of this forum in the Toolbar
below the 'RUNNING EVENTS' announcement box on the homepage

Differences since last times:

  • The Nublon Batteries only start dropping after the event starts
  • Nublon Batteries will be converted after the event, they will not stay for the next time
  • Only EP, TEP, CC or Farm Coins as possible prizes from the Recycl-O-Mat
  • Bahamarama crops/treefruit/animals can not be delivered this time
  • Mainland treefruit can not be delivered this time
  • New Farm Coins as prize
  • New Shop-O-Rama to exchange Farm Coins for prizes

As posted on the Official forum:


* What is special about this Event? 
The event gives you the opportunity to recycle some goods and get great rewards in return! 

There will be special Event Crops you can grow and use in the Recycl-o-mat: 

Star Flower

Time: 8 hours
EP/Baha-EP: 120 
Plantable on all fields
Value for the Recycl-o-mat per crop: 40

You will get 10 seeds at the beginning of the event. If you drop under 5 crops in your barn, the stock will be replenished to 5 Star Flowers roughly every 5 hours.​

The Event requires Nublonian Batteries that will appear when you harvest any of your lands, any of your crops/trees, including Bahamarama (level 2+):​


You'll see how many you have collected in your Barn under "other".​

  • Nublonian batteries can also be gifted to/from buddies/neighbours from level 5+.

    • you can send 5 free gifts (or 7 with the neighbour rune), then it will cost 2BB each.
    • maximum number of the gifts received per day is 20

  • If you have a Magic tree, you will receive 1 battery every 24h if harvested during this event (and the EP of course).

* How will this Event work?
It is an event for you to recycle your goods into rewards, the greater the amount of goods, the greater the rewards (see the tables below).

* How can I access the Event? 
From Level 2+ you'll be able to see the Event Place in front of the Farmers Society, click that


and then you will see the following screen:


* How can I access the delivery screen?
Click on the green + button on the left of the event screen. You will then see this screen:


Click on 'Deposit' and choose the category of goods you want to use:
Note: The categories available may vary between events


Then click on the fruit/crop you want, and enter the quantity you wish to deliver:


* What then?
Click on Deposit button and a Barn-like interface will open. You can deliver any type of tree fruits and crops from both your farm and the island, Nublonite Dust and Nublonite Splinters to a maximum value of 250 000 CCs. You can deliver into any single category or a combination of the three to reach the required value for the prize pool you want. You can top up the Alien Machine as often as you want. Nublonite Dust and Nublonite Splinters are optional, use them only if you want to.




Please note that delivered goods cannot be returned, it is therefore recommended that you do not donate more goods than you have batteries to start your machine with.​

* I have delivered my goods, what next?
The event screen will show you which prize pool(s) is available and how many Nublonian Batteries (10, 25 or 35) are needed to activate the Alien Machine:​

Note: As long as the buttons are green, you can collect a reward from the applicable prize pool, so you can collect more than one reward at a time. Not sure what the prizes are? Click on the green "?" button to see the list of goodies for each prize pool.
Once you have decided which button to use, click on it and then click the Play button (green arrow)

Your reward will appear in the Alien Machine:

* Can I buy Nublonian Batteries, Nublon Dust and Nublon Splinters in the Supply Store? 
Eventitem packages:
Drop item Nublonian Battery:


  • 1 Nublonian Battery: 2 BB
  • 50 Nublonian Batteries: 85 BB
  • 100 Nublonian Batteries: 150 BB
  • 150 Nublonian Batteries: 200 BB

Nublonite Dust: 10 BB each (delivery value = 10,000 CC)

Nublonite Splinter: 50 BB each (delivery value = 50,000 CC)

* Will there be Starter Baskets? 
Yes, there will be 3 baskets, buyable multiple times:​

Small Basket

2 x Nublonite Dust (value 10,000 CC each)
40 x Star Flowers
20 x Nublonian Batteries
40 x Super-grow
Costs: 1,99 €uros 
(or equivalent in your currency)

Medium Basket

5 x Nublonite Dust (value 10,000 CC each)
100 x Star Flowers
45 x Nublonian Batteries
100 x Super-grow

1 x Carrot Apple Chutney
Costs: 4,99 €uros (or equivalent in your currency)

Large Basket

15 x Nublonite Dust (value 10,000 CC each)
2 x Nublonite Splinter (value 50,000 CC each)
75 x Nublonian Batteries
150 x Star Flowers
150 x Super-grow
1 x Carrot-apple chutney
Costs: 9,99 €uros 
(or equivalent in your currency)

* Will leftover event and drop items be exchanged after the end of the Event?
No, they will remain in your barn and can be used next time.
Event crops - Star Flowers - will be exchanged for 2 EP, 2 TEP and 4 CC each. 

Please remember to use the Machine during the event timings. If you are uncertain whether the event is still running or not, relog to the farm and check the Event Timer.

Note: The allowed donation categories have been updated. 


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Ended Re: Recycl-O-Mat ~ 6-9 January

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 05 2017, 12:44

As posted on the Official forum:

* What prizes can I win during this edition?

Depending on the value of the goods delivered you can choose to gain prizes from the following prize pools. The prizes are random within the groups, but you can keep trying!

Please note: During this edition of the mini event only the following can be donated: 
- Mainland Crops
- Mainland Animals
- Mainland & Baha Products
- Star Fruit flowers
- Nublonite Dust and Nublonite Splinter 




* This edition also introduces the new Shop-O-Rama.


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Ended Re: Recycl-O-Mat ~ 6-9 January

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 05 2017, 12:45

As posted on the Official forum:

Exchange your Farm Coins to win some great prizes:


* What is special about this Shop?
The Shop-O-Rama gives you the opportunity to spend some Farm coins and get great rewards in return!​

Farm coin:

* How can I earn more Farm coins?
You can earn more coins periodically through some Events, Mini Events and the Daily Login Bonus.

* How can I access the Shop-O-Rama?
From Level 2+ you'll be able to access the Shop through some Event layers and from the Red Shopping Basket.


* What More Do I need to know?
Shop-O-Rama will reset on the 1st of each Month. 

Edit by FAQts: At this moment the Shop-O-Rama 'prizes' will stay the same after the reset on the first of February and after, till announced otherwise.

  • Standard Prizes can be bought unlimited times
  • Limited Prizes some can be bought only once and some multiple times, within a certain period.
  • Special Prizes can be bought once.

Shop-O-Rama Prizes January 2017


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Ended Re: Recycl-O-Mat ~ 6-9 January

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 06 2017, 15:09


The Nublonian Batteries will be exchanged after the event, they will not stay for the next time!

Exchange values for all event items:

  • Nublonian Batteries: 6 EP + 4 CC
  • Nublonite Dust: 500 EP + 340 CC
  • Nublonite Splinter: 2.500 EP + 1.660 CC
  • Star flowers: 2 EP + 2 TEP + 4 CC


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