December Preview Calendar

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December Preview Calendar

Post by Irisa on Thu Dec 15 2016, 23:49

* disclaimer:  the following is copied from 

December Preview Calendar

          Dates or events in this calendar could change slightly.

          1st - 5th December: Winter Is Coming Event (complete)
          1st - 9th December: Learn and Grow Charity Event (complete)
          1st - 27th December: 24 Sleeps "Til Santa Giveaway (running)
          7th December: High Level Content Update #2 (complete)
          8th - 12th December: Santa's Secret Event Quest (complete)
          9th - 11th December: Wonder Trees (complete)
          9th December: Wonder Trees Permanent Quest
          12th - 13th December: Moonlight Mania (complete)
          14th - 20th December: Breeding Based Layer Event (running)
          22nd - 28th December: Christmas Layer Event
          23rd - 27th December: Party Ticket Sale with new Jackpot item
          30th - 31st December: New Years Event Quest

     anything (dates or events) in this calendar could change slightly.​

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