Nuking Event Crops Strategy

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Nuking Event Crops Strategy

Post by Mooboy on Mon Nov 21 2016, 00:53

big grin Hi Farmers. I did Create a Posting under much older Forum. Which Sadly got Lost. As I have Confidence that it be more Accessible and Friendly to use under this Forum.

The Nuking Strategy I have been using has not Changed. Every month we get at Least two Events that requires to Grow New Event Crops.

The Idea of Nuking Strategy is Build up Stock of Event Crops in the Quickest Possible Way. So That we can accumulate Enough Crops of Event Crops to Place in our Fields using 1 x 1 Fields which is most Effective way to Accumulate Event Crops to Meet or Exceed Event Crop Requirements in Event FAQ and Event Strategy Post by using a Buff Called CAC (Carrot Apple Chutney) which can only be Allocated to Diamond Buff Slot

The CAC added an Additional +2 Event Crops on Either 2 x 2, 2 x 1 or 1 x 1 Field. CAC is most Effective and Productive on 1 x 1 Field 

We have Five Kinds of Farming Fields to Grow Event Crops. But be aware to Read Event FAQ before placing Event Crops for Nuking. As at times we can only place event Crops in certain fields

Field 1 - Main Farm Field
Field 2 - Green Meadow
Field 3 - Magical Glade
Field 4 - Bahamarama
Field 5 - Rain Forest

Take Note: Nuking Event Crops using Magical Glade does not Consume your Stock of Water

The Other Reason you need to Read Event FAQ is to find out about Allocation of Event Crops which are needed to be Nuked as Soon The New Event Starts The Allocation can be either 10 seeding or 5 Seeding Most of the time it is just One Event Crop. But other times there are two or Three Event Crops or More !!

If an Allocation of 5 Event Crops, Maximum Reap of Event Crops in First Round = 45 Crops
If an Allocation of 10 Event Crops, Maximum Reap of Event Crops in First Round = 90 Crops

Nuking Event Crop Criteria

1) Only use 2 x 2 Field Placing New Event Crop
2) Activate Chestnut Festival 2014 Cloud Row (Gives 5% More Effective on Super grow)
3) Unlock Growth Boost Rune on Glade Tree (Gives 10% More Effective on Super grow)
4) Eat/Consume an White Innocence Buff in Gold Buff Slot (Gives 10% More Effective on SG)
5) Eat/Consume an Fruit Cake Buff in Gold Buff Slot (Gives 5% More Effective on Super grow)
6) Fill 2 X 2 Fields with Water
7) Fill 2 X 2 Fields with Manure
8) Fill 2 x 2 Fields with Super Grow (Combined Supergrow Effectiveness of 80%)
9) Add Suzy Super Grow to 2 x 2 Field (Gives +2 Event Crop per Field)

Take Note: Any Farmer who started Playing this Game after November 2014, Will not have a Chestnut Festival Cloud Row.

Nuking Event Crop Table (2 x 2 Field Only)

First Round - Plant 5 Event Crops - Outcome Reap 45 Event Crops
2nd Round - Plant 45 Event Crops -Outcome Reap 405 Event Crops
Statistics - Requires 50 Super Grow/50 Suzy Super Grow

First Round - Plant 10 Event Crops - Outcome Reap 90 Event Crops
2nd Round - Plant 90 Event Crops - Outcome Reap 810 Event Crops
Statistics - Requires 100 Super Grow/ 100 Suzy Super Grow

Take Note: Some of you will have Super Jumbo Trees or Suzy Jumbo Trees. You can Gain Super Grow and Suzy Super Grow using these Trees which is handy to be used to Nuke Event Crops. Most Event FAQ Rewards does reimburse you with consumption use of Super grow and Suzy Super Grow. You can win Super Grow and Suzy Super Grow from Farmwheel Spin or Party Wheel Spin. Also can get Super Grow and Suzy Super Grow from Daily Login Rewards too !!

Take Note: When we get Events that Needs to grow more than one Event Crop. Do not Seed them in the Same Field as they have a different growing time. Always best Grow Event Crops in Same Field

Once you have Accumulated Sufficient Event Crops to Seed it into 1 x 1 Fields then no longer need to Nuke these Event Crops. As The Main Objective is to Build up Stock of New Event Crops !!

Good Advise: To Stock up your Stock of Manure before Nuking Event Crops while Manure Prices is Cheap  cat cuddle feel better

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Re: Nuking Event Crops Strategy

Post by CaliChrome on Mon Nov 21 2016, 02:19

You forgot to mention WHEN to use Super Grow.  red smile  Otherwise it looks good!


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Re: Nuking Event Crops Strategy

Post by GuineaUp on Mon Nov 21 2016, 03:00

Thanks Mooboy!  clap clap clap clap clap clap


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