Hi I'm 3mamarae

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Re: Hi I'm 3mamarae

Post by sirpippen on Tue Nov 15 2016, 14:02

farmer Howdy 3mamarae welcome  

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Re: Hi I'm 3mamarae

Post by 007Farming on Tue Nov 15 2016, 19:04

ghehe Hello 3mamarae great to see you

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Re: Hi I'm 3mamarae

Post by zensioux on Thu Jan 12 2017, 02:44

Hi, 3mamarae who I am gone to call Mama, see my other post. I can't handle long names. 

I want to apologize to you. When you sent me a neighbor invite it was a bad day. 1st off, I always decline uninvited request. Plus, I did not realise it was you until, I hit decline. Sorry, if my brain had worked faster and relized it was you, I would have accepted you.

I was sad when your themometor went red way back when. You were one of my very 1st neighbors from about 6 years ago. I am happy you were back. I thought about reaching out to you, but I have been very busy & in a funk.

I almost quit Farmera completely a few months back, but this crazy Swidish women (Hatzeva) insisted on coming to visit me and then she kidnapped me and forced me to go to Fresno, CA to see Brooke. This taught me that Farmerama is not just a game. It is a community full of good wonderful people. How could I give this up? or all you wonderful people so here I am now trying to get actively involved again. I am glad you are back too.

Peace to me means Love and Harmony free of antagonism and conflict.

To me: Harmony is achieved when each person gives up part of themselves in order to create a higher more wonderful vibration/ energy.

I hope you all have a Happy Day full of Sunshine and Smiles.

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